Wednesday, January 16, 2008

Ask the Chef

Its Ask the chef day! :) I love doing these segments, so keep your questions coming!

Today's question is from Molly (yes, the same Molly from last guys better hurry and ask some questions, or she's going to take them all! hehe). Molly asks...

I'd love to know if you have a good roast chicken recipe. My husband and I both share cooking duties, although I am home more so I have been doing more cooking. We attempted a roast chicken once to not very good results. I think the recipe we had that my cousin, who cooks a lot, gave us, wasn't too clear on the time to cook it and we took it out too soon. Also any tips on cooking a whole roasted chicken. I am so happy to read your blog and love the recipes.
Sincerely, Molly"

Well Molly, I am so glad you love the blog, I love it too! hehe And I L-O-V-E roasted chicken! Ask my family...I make one almost every week, because they are cheap and they stretch far!

Here is my secret chef tips to the perfect roasted chicken...

1. Once you have bought your chicken, bring it home and wash it off on the inside and out making sure no remaining blood is on or in the chicken.

2. Place chicken BREAST SIDE UP in a baking dish. If you don't know which side the breast is, make sure that the wings (not the drumsticks) are laying on top of the chicken...then it is breast side up.

3. Now comes the seasoning...most people use olive oil, but I actually use olive oil cooking spray, and spray the top and sides of the chicken thoroughly.
Season with whatever seasonings you would like....I like seasoned salt, Italian seasoning, and paprika all mixed together...then I rub the skin with the mixture liberally and then spray the top with the oil one more time.
**Another good seasoning is Mrs. Dash

4. Then I place my chicken in a preheated oven at 350 degrees for 2 hours. (this is for a 3-5 lb chicken). When I think it might be done, I pull the chicken out and cut into the breast just slightly to make sure that the meat is cooked. It should be WHITE not pink, and the juices should be clear! If its not cooked, put it back in at 15 min. intervals until done.

5.) Remember LET YOUR CHICKEN REST!! Once the chicken has cooked, it needs to not be disturbed for at least 15 minutes so that the juices can rest and not run out and make your meat dry.

Now, I usually use only one side of the chicken to eat for dinner. Then after dinner, when the chicken is cooled, I strip the bones of all the meat and either make chicken tetrazzini for the next night, or chicken salad for lunch. We also make chicken and dumplings a lot, chicken name it, we make it with leftover chicken! :)

Good luck Molly and thanks for your questions! :)

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