Saturday, January 19, 2008

Ask the Chef

So I don't normally do Gourmet Momma on the weekends, but this one was about Cookies so I considered it an EMERGENCY! lol

I got the following email from Shawna today:

"Hey Nikki,
I've noticed in your chocolate chip cookie recipe it called for dark brown sugar. I have another cookbook that says to have light and dark on hand. Can you tell me the difference between light and dark?
Thanks! Shawna"

Hey Shawna,
Well, this is a very easy answer.
Brown Sugar is just white cane sugar mixed with molasses.
And the difference in light and dark brown sugar, is that light brown sugar has less molasses and a lighter flavor. Dark brown sugar has more molasses, hence its darker color and richer flavor! I always have both on hand just in case! But if you want to make the cookies and only have light brown sugar, no big deal, just use what you have! :)

Oh, also a little hint on brown sugar. When storing it, it gets to prevent that, when you first buy your sugar you can put a piece of plain sandwich bread in the box or air tight container. Or you can try half of an apple in the container and store it in the fridge! If you use this method, make sure you let your sugar come to room temperature for 15 minutes before use! :)

Good luck on those Cookie's!
--Nikki, The Gourmet Momma
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Anonymous said...

Thanks Nikki! I'll let you know how they turn out. :)

The Gourmet Momma said...

Great Shawna! I cant wait to hear! I LOVE those cookies! you wont be dissapointed!