Wednesday, May 7, 2008

Are you a Hungry Girl????

Can I just say that I have been a subscriber to Hungry Girl for a while, and I just LOVE her!! If you haven't heard of hungry girl....WHATS WRONG WITH YOU?? lol Just Kidding....but seriously, Hungry Girl is an amazing website and newsletter that helps everyday girls like me stay in shape by eating my favorite meals like juicy hamburgers, french fries, and parfaits! Can you believe it? Plus she gives the WW values for all of her recipes! My favorite section in her newsletter is the "Bite it/Fight it" where she teaches you to cook dishes that are twins of our favorite Restaurant bites!

So why am I talking about Hungry Girl so much? Well, she just wrote a book!! And my wonderful sister, Brittany gave it to me for mother's day! Isn't that awesome! I am already shopping for new ingredients, stocking up with fiber one cereal, boca burgers and butternut squash! To get your own copy of this FANTASTIC book that you ABSOLUTELY CAN NOT LIVE WITHOUT...head over to Lisa's site, HUNGRY GIRL, or to

See ya later Hungry Girls! :)

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