Monday, January 7, 2008

Welcome to Gourmet Momma!

Hey everyone and welcome to my new blog! I am so excited to be starting Gourmet Momma! Many of you may know me as Nikki, from Ragazza Bella Couture. And some of you may even know me as Chef Nikki! And if you don't know me at all....well, that's about to change!

Just a little history on why I want to start this blog and why you should trust me to plan out meals for you!
For starters, I have always loved to cook! When I was a little girl I told my mom I was going to grow up to be a Chef! And that's just what I did!
I was formally trained at the Texas Culinary Academy, a division of Le Cordon Bleu Paris. I hold a degree in savory culinary arts, but I also love to bake and can make some mean desserts! I even learned a little bar tending along the way!

After culinary school I tried my hand in catering, sous cheffing, and being a line cook. I even was a front of the House manager for a few years! I soon got tired of the long hours of the culinary world and opened my own Private Chef company which ran for 4 years cooking privately for people in their homes, small banquets, and serving Austin's Elite! It was great fun!

I now cook for my family, and on occasion I might take a small cooking gig on the side for fun, but my main passion is learning to use what I have and how to make the dollar stretch! I also try to make all of my meals healthy, because after all, loosing weight is the NUMBER ONE New Years resolution among Americans!

On all of the recipes featured on this site, you will find nutritional information and weight watchers points for all you gals on WW!
And the recipes will range from 3 ingredient meals, desserts, crock pot dinners, and more!
So stay tuned to see what the Gourmet Momma is cooking up next!


modkidboutique said...

Congrats on the new blog, Nikki! I definitely need lots of inspiration and help in this department! LOL! GOSH, reading through your experience I just can't believe you have done so much at such an early age! You must be older than I think you are... LOL! Anyway, thanks for sharing this with us. I am bookmarking it for future reference. :)

Ragazza Bella Couture said...

awww thank you Patty! I am so glad you found it!
Im sure Im not as old as you think I am! lol Im acutally going to be 24 in April! :)

Pennies In My Pocket said...

I found you by way of Britt's blog. Congrats on the new blog! Looks like it's going to be fabulous here...I'll come back often! :)