Tuesday, February 12, 2008

Ask the Chef: Eggs

Good Morning! It's ask the chef day! And I have had so many email's it's hard to decide what to post, so I decided to post a few of them along with some chef tips today!
The first question was posted here on the blog, by Molly. (Molly, Im starting to think your my only reader! lol)
Molly asks:
"I am enjoying poached eggs lately, but can't seem to get the egg to stay together, is there a secret to that? Some days it comes out perfect, some days the egg yolk separates. Molly"
Well Molly, I have a little question for you....what are you poaching in? Sometimes when people poach eggs, they only use water, but the secret to a perfect poached egg is to add about a teaspoon of white vinegar to the water! This won't flavor the egg, it will just keep the white and the yolk together while the egg cooks. Also, I have an egg poaching pan that was my grandmothers. I found one for you at Target (one of my FAVE stores), for only $19.99 and it is non stick! (mine is like old metal, so I think I might get this one!!). You can find it here: EGG POACHER
Good luck with your egg's Molly, and let me know how they turn out! :)
The Gourmet Momma
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About Us: said...

Thanks, I was just at Target yesterday too and didn't get a chance to read this before I went. :-( Oh, well, next time. I will look out for it and yes, I was just putting water in, I will try the vinegar.....funny I don't know if Better Homes and Gardens may have mentioned that but I skipped that step.......I will have to remember to do that.

Thanks for answering my questions though! :-)


The Gourmet Momma said...

no problem molly! keep them coming! I love helping out my fellow gourmet momma's!

Britt said...

I have a question...or rather an idea..why don't you post my wild rice mandarin chicken dish & my oven-fried buffalo chicken tenders?!! :) Yummmm!

the gourmet momma said...

oh, good ideas Briit! I will have them on here next week! :)