Thursday, April 3, 2008

Happy Happy Birthday to ME!

Hey Everyone! Guess what? It's my birthday!! I just love birthday's, don't you? So I have decided to take the day off and go shopping with my mom! lol Then tomorrow night my sister and her husband are taking us out to dinner.....INDIAN STYLE!! I am soooo excited!
But I hope everyone has a great day, and if you need a recipe for tonight, check out our archives! I was just looking through them yesterday and I re-inspired myself for meals next week!
So have a great day everyone! I will see you tomorrow!


About Us: said...

Happy Birthday Nikki!!

Hope you had a nice one!


Michele said...

Happy Birthday, Gourmet Momma! I'll have a slice of that cake, thank you! I plan on trying those Lasagna roll=ups & Tuna Stuffed Shells soon. ~Michele

the girls of gt said...

Happy Birthday to you!!!

Susan said...

Happy Birthday! Did you make that cake or find it from a website? anyway, I like it! Enjoy your dinner out.

Mandy said...

Happy Birthday!! I hope you have a great day.

The Gourmet Momma said...

Good Morning Everyone! Thank you so much for all your sweet birthday wishes! I didn't make the cake, I dont bake often! hehe But it is pretty isn't it?