Thursday, July 31, 2008

A great book for an Even BETTER cause!

Hey Everyone! The Lord put it on my heart to share this amazing site with you all tonight. Gina at Lattes & Lipstick, and her Husband George are amazing people. Seven years ago, George was diagnosed with very aggressive Prostate Cancer. He went through chemo and other harsh treatments, nothing helped. So he turned to Diet and Supplements, and he is doing much better.

But they have decided that he needs to be treated at a "Natural" treatment center, that of course, insurance does NOT cover! So Gina, the genius she is decided to put together a download-able cookbook called "Friends of George".

She is selling these awesome books (with great recipes, I know, I have one!!) for ONLY $1!!!!!!!!! She needs to sell 20,000 of them, and so far has sold 15,000!! She only needs 5,000 more, so lets all do out part, and help her out! Spare a dollar, get an awesome book, and know that you helped save someones life!

God Bless you all!!

To purchase a "Friends of George" cookbook, just visit this site:

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