Wednesday, July 9, 2008

Cook It Blog It, A Partnership made in heaven!

I am so excited to share some new news with you! My friend Patty over at ModKid has started a new venture for all you aspiring Gourmet Mommas! She has put together a blogroll for people that cook and want to show it off, appropriately named "Cook it, Blog it".

Its super easy to join! All you have to do is Cook it, make something yummy! Snap it, take a photo of your creation, and Blog it, tell us how you made it!

To be added to the blogroll, leave a comment here: Comments

So what does this have to do with the Gourmet Momma? Well, Patty and I have teamed up and I am sponsoring Cook it, Blog it by showing you recipes you can use for everyday cooking! So if you used a GM recipe, add a little note and I will be too happy to add you over to my blogroll also!

Remember to check into everyone else's blogs over at Cook it, Blog it and get some more ideas for meals!


refinance said...

That is very nice idea.


Sew Gracious said...

How cool that you are sponsoring! I'm on Cook It, Blog It too. I'm glad to have found your blog! Love your recipes!

Rachelle said...

Sounds neat, I just signed up!

The Gourmet Momma said...

Oh good Girls! I am so glad you joined and are loving the team-up! I was so excited to work with Patty on this! :) Let me know if you use any of my recipes, and I will link you back on my blog! :)

Anonymous said...

Great idea! I am heading over to sign up! Love your blog ~ I've added you to my blogroll :)

The Gourmet Momma said...

Oh thank you so much Nancy!
I am so glad you stopped by! Im off to go check out your blog! :)